Our Mission

Big Tech companies like Meta and Google are trying to extract every dollar from your marketing budget. Our goal is to make first-party data accessible for everyone, not just for Big Tech.

We're on a mission to make retargeting free.

George Gogidze
Founder & CEO
Mariam Gogidze
Growth Advisor
Elene Marja
Account Executive

Our story

Leadpipe Originated From An Idea That Emerged When We Were Testing Landing Pages For Our Services. We Were Spending Thousands Per Day On Ads But Only Receiving Less Than 3% In Leads.

This Led Us To The Abstract Question: "What If We Could See Exactly Who Is Visiting Our Site?" After Two Years Of Work, 814 Million Emails, And A Team Of 8, We Arrived At Where We Are Today.


Company Was Established

With AI And 814 Million Contacts, We Turned Our Vision Into Reality.$0 From Venture Capital. 100% Bootstrapped.

Leadpipe Beta

Our Existing Users Played A Crucial Role In Our Beta Testing Phase, Prompting Us To Shift Our Primary Attention To Software Development.



Started Content Agency For B2B SaaS

We Transitioned Further Into Software And Explored New Possibilities. We Collaborated Closely With High-Growth B2B SaaS Companies, Assisting Them In Content Creation. We Deepened Our Understanding "Ship The Code" Culture.

First Venture Launched

The Launch Of Our First Agency Was A Success. After Just A Year, We Exited With 650k And Began Pursuing New Ventures And Global Challenges.


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