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Best Performing Cold Email Conversion Rates Are 5%, Make it 20% with Leadpipe.

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Sending Cold Emails Getting Harder, With Leadpipe on opposite.
Targeted Messaging
Visitor Linkedin
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Person Level ID

Know who visited from Microsoft. Don't guess it. Get emails, names, LinkedIn addresses, and co-worker data. NOT just company names.


Joe visits your store without purchasing

Average landing page conversion rate is 3%. Cold traffic is not ready to buy, that's where the power of retargeting ads resides.


LeadPipe provides you with his email and Linkedin

Save thousands of dollars on retargeting ads. Use email campaigns instead. No need of forms or lead magnets.


You reach out and turn Joe into a loyal customer

We teach you how to approach them in a friendly non-intrusive way to turn them into buyers.

Capture, Nurture, Close

Google and Meta conceal data to drive higher spending, retaining the information of your potential customers for continuous investment in their ad platforms. LeadPipe democratizes this data, ensuring you regain ownership of what rightfully belongs to your potential customers and you.

"With Leadpipe, I've been stealing market share from my competitors for the last 6 months. While they're burning money on ads, I'm achieving an 18x ROAS."

Tony P - Founder of HOFF Brand

"Digital ads had become so expensive that the market needed a solution. LeadPipe is that solution."

Andrew G - Founder of Gear3

We’re faster and can certainly do a lot more at scale. Our automation has been light years from where it was even just two or three years ago.

Greg Shell -
Canadian Tire

Only 3% of visitors purchase. We provide you with the emails of the other 97%

There's only a small portion of website visitors who make a purchase. To reconnect with them, you'd typically have to invest in expensive retargeting ads. However, our technology provides you with their names, email address, time spent per page, and more of your unknown visitors.

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Midbound marketing is scalable and predictable like ads, and cheap like email

Paid ads offer the most scalable and predictable customer acquisition for an eCommerce company, while email marketing remains the most cost-effective. With LeadPipe, you get the best of both worlds.

"LeadPipe is revolutionary—it's the tool that makes free retargeting possible."

Christopher H - CEO at Intact
How much resources do you spend on sourcing leads, validating them, and warming up inboxes just to get 'unsubscribe me'?

How many times must you repeatedly purchase the same data (retargeting ads) to connect with your potential customers? It doesn't make sense. With LeadPipe, you make a single ad purchase, and the data you acquire is yours.

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