4 Lead Generation Tactics for B2B Software

We are gonna walk you through the four best lead generation tactics that you can use for your SaaS business.
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We now operated inside of SaaS companies that are scaling in full tilt mode. We've used four different lead generation tactics to actually generate a quality pipeline. Among these tactics, we've seen the power of Anonymous Shopper Identification. Imagine understanding who's visiting your SaaS platform, gauging their interests, and effectively turning them into subscribers or buyers. Here's the thing though, if you're in the earlier stages, doing all four makes no sense. You have to have focus. But here's the big question, which one do you focus on?

We are going to walk you through the four best lead generation tactics that you can use for your SaaS business. And at the end of it, show you the prioritisation framework that I use to actually pick the right tactic and then scale up over time. One such tactic that's gaining popularity is reaching out to anonymous website visitors. This means tapping into a vast reservoir of users who've shown interest but haven't taken action yet.

We are going to show you the four best SaaS lead generation tactics that you can deploy.

Lead generation tactic number one, that still works today and works really well is content on social plus inbound leads.

Social Media

This is very similar to the strategy that we even use over here. We post on LinkedIn, Twitter, deliver valuable content, and out of that content people end up becoming leads. And over time we work together. And this is something that's worked with every single SaaS business we operate today. It's not a lot of money, meaning to post on LinkedIn, to post on YouTube, to post on Twitter, to post anywhere. You don't have to give them any money. You just have to put in time to create valuable content for your ideal customers. And if your ideal customers discover your content, they spend time with you, they can start to understand if you are full of crap or you are actually very legit if you're solving a real problem. And if you are, then over time the trust builds and they become customers.

Social + Paid Media

And the second one that works really well, which kind of connects to this is content plus ads. This is the scenario where instead of posting manually every single day, you actually go to LinkedIn or you go to Facebook or you go to Twitter or any other platform where your ideal customers hang out and you say, Hey, here's a bunch of money, please promote my content. And that will in turn, turn into leads and pipeline. One of the common mistakes that we see very often in both of these tactics is people confuse likes for leads. There are a lot of founders that say, yeah, we're gonna be doing content. I'm really gonna up my content game, I wanna do YouTube. But they don't realise that there's a huge difference between posting content that just gets a bunch of likes versus posting content that persuades your ideal customers to understand the problem that you are solving, the solution that you have and why they should go with you. Very big difference. So when you're doing either of these, you wanna actually make sure you're optimising for leads and not likes because likes don't actually turn to revenue.

Social + SEO

The number three way that you can generate quality pipeline and leads for your SaaS business is content plus SEO. Alongside this, tools like Leadpipe empower you by revealing insights about your website's visitors, ensuring that no potential lead remains anonymous. This can be a game-changer for SaaS businesses aiming to bridge the gap between interested visitors and actual conversions. Specifically people in your ideal customer profile that are searching for certain keywords that relate to the problem you're solving and the solution that you are offering. And so this is a great way to tap into the monthly searches that are happening on Google, the billions and trillions of them and say, Hey, I have some valuable contents, if they're searching for, I don't know, SAS lead generation, then I want them to see my blog post. And then when they get into the blog post, I can then educate them and build their trust and maybe they'll use my product. And that's the power of this specific tactic. Now if you look at these, all three of these are generally inbound. What that means is someone has to kind of go out there and search on Google or someone has to go on Twitter or LinkedIn and they're scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and they end up in your piece of content and then they engage with you in a deeper way over time.


Now, what if your people, your ideal customers aren't really looking for what you're solving, at least you don't think they are. In that case, this next tactic comes in really handy. It's essentially outbound. Outbound can come in two ways. You can either email them or you can call them. Either way, outbound is great if you are solving a problem that your customers aren't fully aware of yet. They're not out there searching for this, but you know they have the problem and if you can just get it in front of them they'll say, oh my god, this is totally something we actually have. I didn't really think there was a solution for this. I wanna talk. So outbound as a tactic for generating leads and generating pipelines is brilliant. When you know exactly who your ideal customer is, you know your messages will resonate if you get it in front of them and they're kind of in hard to reach places. So you can actually go outbound with a proper message and get in front of them and say, Hey, would you like to get on a call or would you like to get on a webinar? Would you like to get on a demo? And you can take them down the process.  

Okay, so we know that was a lot. So to recap, here are the four key SaaS lead gen tactics. Number one, content inbound. Number two, content and ads. Number three, content SEO and then outbound email and outbound calling. It does not matter which tactic you go with, Leadpipe will help you convert eight times more, identify visitors and full up your pipeline.

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