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Installing Tracking Code in Shopify
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Installing Tracking Code in Shopify

You can effortlessly install the Leadpipe tracking code on your Shopify online store and begin identifying business website visitors by following the steps outlined below:

To implement the Leadpipe tracking code on your Shopify website, either create a new account on Shopify or utilize an existing one.

On the 'My Store' page, click 'Online Store' in the left sidebar.

On the themes page, locate the theme you have installed for your Shopify site and click the three dots.

Go to ‘Edit code’ in the subsequent floating menu that appeared when you clicked three dots.

Select theme.liquid in the ‘Layout’ section.

Go to the Leadpipe dashboard page and select Configuration -> Installation. Copy the code snippet in the instructions section.

Go back to the Shopify page and paste the snippet under the <title> tag in the theme.liquid HTML page.

Click ‘Save’

The script code will activate automatically. In the Leadpipe dashboard, click 'Update Dashboard' to refresh the information and begin capturing leads from Shopify.

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