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Lead Filtering and Overview
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Lead Filtering and Overview

How to search your leads:

How to search your leads:

Navigate to 'Leads -> Search Leads' in your ConsumerID dashboard. This will display visitors from the last 7 days, and you can customize the date range to tailor your lead data.

To view more information on a lead, simply click on the name, and visitor details will appear in a pop-up window.

You can further customize your leads search using advanced filters. Adjusting the data filters, such as date range or demographic criteria, will affect the top 10 leads displayed in your entries, allowing you to break down your leads into customizable data. Additionally, you can adjust your lead menu to display more than 10 leads at a time.

Enhanced Filtering Options:

When accessing the Search Leads tab, you'll find all visitors from the selected date. Depending on your website traffic or specific goals, you can refine your ConsumerID data by adjusting your Search Criteria.

You can adjust the following criteria in your Search Leads tab:

  • Date
  • Personal Criteria
  • Location Criteria
  • Financial Criteria
  • Marketing Criteria

Each section offers a dropdown menu with various adjustable filters, including gender, age range, presence of children, state, income, and more. You can apply multiple filters, and the more filters you use, the more refined your list of results will be.

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