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Modify Notifications

Depending on your settings, notifies your email inbox whenever there's new lead activity on your website. While we provide pre-set notification rules, you might want to customize them to better suit your needs. Here's how:

Notification Rules You Can Adjust:

  1. Send Instant Email Alerts: Receive an email whenever a visitor views pages of your website.
  2. Send Daily Email Reports: Get daily reports showing the most active visitors each day.
  3. Send Weekly Email Reports: Receive weekly reports highlighting the top most active visitors.
  4. Send URL Email Alerts: Monitor specific URLs and get notified if a visitor lands on them, regardless of other rules.

How to Update Your Notification Rules:

Step 1: Log into your account at

Step 2: From your menu, select 'Lead Handling -> Notification Rules'.

Step 3: You'll see all four notification rules that can be adjusted. Uncheck any boxes to remove those notification alerts altogether.

Step 4: Another option is to 'Add URL to Watch'. Click the yellow button at the bottom of your Notification Rules page. This allows you to receive alerts when someone views a specific page on your website.

Step 5: Insert the website page into the pop-up window and select 'Create Notification URL'.

Step 6: Once you're happy with your changes, select 'Update My Notification Rules' to save them.

These changes will only affect the alerts for the profile of the user who made the adjustments.

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